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Club Rules


(as amended at the AGM 26 November 2009)

the name of the club shall be “Hoddesdon Lawn Tennis Club” referred to in the rules as “the Club”.

To provide facilities for and to promote tennis, social and other activities as the Club in General Meeting shall decide.

Barclays Bank Ltd shall be Custodian Trustee of the property belonging to the club and shall deal with the property in accordance with the directions of the Club Committee upon receipt of a copy of the resolution approved by that committee and signed by the Hon. Chairman and Hon. Secretary.  Barclays Bank Ltd. Shall be entitled to an annual fee for acting as Custodian Trustee.

4.The President
The President and any vice-president shall be elected to represent the best interests of the Club to all members and to outside organisations.  They shall be elected by an AGM and shall preside at all General Meetings unless these duties are delegated by them to the club Chairman.  The President and vice-president are entitled to attend any of the Club committee meetings where they may speak on all matters but, are not entitled to vote.

(a) Membership will consist of the following categories –
I)   Senior members aged 18 years and over on 1st May.
II)  Junior members under the age of 18 on 1st May.
III) Weekday members aged 18 and over on 1st May.
IV) Non-playing members aged 18 years and over on 1st May.
(b) Senior membership shall be for the members who meet the age qualification.  Names and addresses of all applicants for membership will be posted on the main notice board at least 48 hours before the date of the Management Committee Meeting considering such applications.  All members in their first year of membership are considered to be on a probationary basis and the Committee has the right to discontinue membership during the period to any probationary member whom the Committee deems is unsuitable.
(c) Junior membership shall be for those who meet the junior age qualification.  No playing standard is required.  If wishing to remain members of the Club, juniors on reaching the age of 18 years on or before 1st May must make application to become Senior members.
(d) Weekday membership is for limited play for senior members who meet the age qualification and have been accepted by the Committee.  They are limited to playing from Monday to Friday only up to 5pm.
(e) Non-playing membership is available to persons over the age of 18 years providing they have been accepted by the Management Committee.  They have all rights to use the Club and Clubhouse but are not playing members.
(f) Members intending to resign or transfer from one category of membership to another must advise the Membership secretary and obtain the approval of the management Committee where necessary.  They will otherwise be liable to subscriptions at the full or higher rate.
(g) The Club in General Meeting shall be empowered to elect in any one year a maximum of two members to honorary Life membership of the Club.
(h) The expulsion of a member can be determined by the Management Committee as a consequence of non-payment of the annual subscription or other major misdemeanour.  The member has a right to request a Special General Meeting to reconsider the decision of the Management Committee.  The request for such a meeting must be made to the Secretary within 39 days of the management Committee issuing written notice of the expulsion to the member.  The request must be accompanied by supporting signatures of 20 senior members.
(i) Any person ceasing to be a member forgoes all right to and claim upon the Club, its property and its funds and has no right to the return of any part of their subscription.

6.Subscriptions, Charges & Finances
(a) Subscriptions shall be fixed by the AGM each year.  All subscription rates shall be displayed on the club notice Board.  Any proposed changes to the rates will be advised as part of the agenda for the AGM.  The annual subscription for all categories shall be due on 1st April.
(b) Subscriptions due on 1st April must be paid to the Membership Secretary or Treasurer by 1st May each year in order to claim the discount.  This applies to all sections of membership.  After 1st May, the full subscription  will apply strictly.  The Treasurer will place a notice in the Clubhouse in early April reminding members of the final due date.  Those members whose subscriptions are still outstanding after 1st May will be advised by Membership Secretary that they have 14 days in which to pay.  After that date the Management Committee have the power to suspend or terminate their membership.  A list of members whose subscription is overdue will be posted in the Clubhouse and they will not be entitled to any membership privileges until their subscription  has been received and accepted.  Junior subscriptions will be at fixed rates for different age groups and will be collected and controlled by the Junior Organiser.
(c) Any member resigning may be treated as a new member on re-joining at the discretion of the Management committee
(d) New members who apply for senior or junior membership after 31 July will have full subscription reduced pro rata for that year only.
(e) All subscriptions will b e based on age as at 1st May of current season.  Subscriptions for new members must be paid to the Treasurer within one month of their being advised of acceptance into the club – thereafter the full subscription will apply.
(f) Arrangements and charges for floodlight use by members during Winter (October – April) shall be decided by the Committee.  Floodlights must be switched off by 10pm.
(g) Financial year shall end on 30 September.
(h) The club is a non-profit-making organisation – all surpluses will be used to maintain or improve the facilities and in the furtherance of the Club’s objectives.  No surplus will be distributed other than to the Members on winding up or dissolution of the Club.

7. Play and Dress on Court
(a) The Club shall play tennis under the rules of the Lawn Tennis Association and shall be an affiliated member of that association.
(b) The Club shall be open for tennis all year.  A Tennis Committee member of a Management Committee member shall have the power to close any courts at their discretion.
© Players shall not play singles nor occupy a court for more than one short set if other players are waiting to play except for official tournaments.
(d) Dress on court must be recognised tennis wear.  The club colours shall be blue and white.  Tennis shoes or similar types of footwear must be mainly white with non-marking soles.
(e) The Tennis Committee shall have the right to enter teams in leagues and arrange matches providing that as far as possible not more than four courts are taken up for matches at one time.

8. General Meetings
(a) The AGM shall be held during the month of November each year when the Hon. Secretary’s report and an audited Statement of Accounts shall be presented for adoption.  Other reports and business shall be conducted and the President, Vice-President, Chairperson, Officers, Members of Committees and Auditors shall be elected for the ensuing year.  At least fourteen days notice of the AGM must be given in writing to the Club (excluding junior members) together with the agenda for that meeting.  Notice of any amendment of these rules must be lodged with the Hon. Secretary at least 28 days before the AGM.  Twenty or one fifth of the senior membership, whichever is the smaller, shall form a quorum at the AGM.
(b) Special General Meetings (SGM) can be called upon a resolution of the Club Management Committee or upon a request from 20 senior members being presented to the Club Secretary stating the business to be transacted.  The Secretary shall within one month of receiving the request convene the meeting, advising all members (except junior members) in writing at least seven days before the date fixed of the business to be transacted.  No other business shall be considered.  Twenty senior members shall form a quorum and at least two-thirds majority of the members present shall be required for any business transacted to be approved.
(c) Any full paid up members, except Juniors and Social members, shall be entitled to vote at General Meetings.  Any members, except juniors, may be elected to the Club Management Committee.
(d) Any alterations or additions to these rules shall be dealt with only at an AGM or an SGM and approved by two-thirds of the voting members attending such meeting.

9. Management
(a) The affairs of the Club shall be run by three committees – a Management, Tennis and Social Committee.
(b) the Management Committee shall be elected at the AGM and shall be responsible for the overall management and finances of the Club.  The Committee will consist of the Chairperson, Secretary, Treasurer, Men’s and Ladies’ Club Captains, Membership Secretary, Social Secretary, Bar Organiser, Tournament Secretary, Junior Secretary and four other members.  Unfilled positions on the management committee at the AGM may be filled by the management Committee by co-opting a member for that year.
(c) The club Management Committee shall have he power to make, amend or delete bye-laws and regulations to aid in the running of the Club providing they do not violate any of the Club rules or override any decision of an AGM.  Any bye-laws so agreed must appear on the Club Notice Board.
(e) the social Committee which will be chaired by the Social Secretary and will include the Bar Organiser will be responsible for all social activities at the Club.  A Tea Organiser and up to four Social Sub-Committee members can be appointed by the management committee to serve on the Social Committee and the Club Captains and Treasurer will be invited to attend the Committee meetings when necessary.
(g) Members of the Management committee may also be elected to hold positions on the Tennis or Social Committees.
(h) Recommendations for positions on the Tennis and Social Committee may be made by members at the AGM.
(i) The members of the Management Committee shall be entitled to an indemnity out of the assets of the Club for all expenses and other liabilities properly incurred by them in the management of the Club.

10.Visitors, Liability & Animals
(a) Members shall be allowed to bring visitors to the club as spectators.  If the visitors wish to play, the member introducing them must sign the visitors book and pay the visitors fee to the Treasurer.  No one member will be allowed to bring more than three playing visitors at any one time. Visitors will not be allowed to play more than four times in any one year unless obtaining special permission from the Club Management Committee.  Members shall be completely responsible for their visitors who must conform to club rules.
(b) The Club shall not be responsible for any loss or damage to property belonging to members or visitors and any willful damage to Club property shall be made good by the member(s) causing same.
(c) Animals brought to the Club must be kept on a lead or under proper control and may not be taken into the Clubhouse or onto the courts.

11. Junior rules
(a) Juniors are not allowed to bring visitors or alcoholic drink to the Club.
(b) Junior members selected by the Committee may be invited to such senior play as the Committee may determine.
(c) Juniors shall abide by all Club rules governing Senior members where they affect them.  The use of courts by juniors will be subject to the Bye0
-laws as agreed by the Committee at the time and displayed on the club notice board.

12. Licence to Allow the Sale of Alcoholic Drinks
(a) the Management Committee shall be authorised to obtain the necessary licence to allow the sale of alcoholic refreshment to its members on the club premises during such hours as the Management Committee deem proper within the hours authorised by the licensing authorities.  The sale of alcohol will not be permitted on Christmas Day.  No person under the age of 18 years will be allowed to purchase alcohol on Club premises.  Refreshments will be served only by assistants authorised by the Bar Organiser.  Every member of a visiting team and their spectators/guests shall be made a member for the day and as such can purchase drinks from the bar for that day only.  Visitors introduced as guests of members hall be signed into the visitors book, and as such will then be allowed to purchase intoxicants from the bar for that day only.
(b) The Clubhouse will e closed every night between hours to be agreed by the management /committee and displayed on the notice board.  Members found on the premises during closing hours, except with specific permission from the management Committee, will be disciplined by the Management committee, possibly leading to suspension or expulsion.

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