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Mens Singles

hoddesdon Mens Third Team

Team Captain: Remi Suzan

M: 07795 234653

The Winter Men’s Single League is upon us again and this will be our 2nd year in the competition.

Match Format

Each fixture consists of 3 singles matches. The home & away Number 1’s play a single 3 set match, the Number 2’s play a single 3 set match and the Number 3’s play a single 3 set match.

Team News

Presently our team will be based on our internal club singles box league players however if you would like to play in this mens singles team please contact Remi on the above details.

Current 2015 Team

Jordan Andrews, Ian Latchford, James Eaton, Dan Latchford, Alex Charles-Wall, Jon-Luc Wilde, Kevin Newman, Gary Wilde and Remi Suzan.

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